Learning or sharing a skill will bring value to your life through creation and community.

Mill Hill Makers will ideally include:

  • Woodworking & Metal Fabrication Shop

  • Jewelry Shop

  • Technology Shop

  • Fine Arts Shop

  • Two Classrooms

  • 14 Cubicles (available to rent)

How does it work?

Mill Hill Makers is a makerspace which works in a similar way to a gym membership. However, instead of offering access to exercise equipment, personal trainers, and fitness classes, we offer tools, expert craftsmen, and classes in artisan trade. Mill Hill Makers will be open to the public through membership access. Your membership will give you access to our tools, discounted rates on classes, and a community space. There will be a personal locker, shelf, and cubicle space available for an additional charge. There is strong potential for Mill Hill Makers to be self-sustaining through these revenue sources. This will allow us to begin giving scholarships to those interested in becoming a member but are limited in financial means.


Start making a difference today!

We have raised over $200,000 towards our $500,000 capital campaign to open Mill Hill Makers.  We need another $171,000 to get our building up to code and $38,000 for operational support in 2019.  We need your help.  If you have any questions about Mill Hill Makers specifics or you are interested in making a large donation, fill out the contact form below or call 864-642-1085.

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