Growing Food, Faith, and Friends

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Artisan Gardens is a community project that transforms abandoned lots, in the downtown area of Anderson called the Alphabet Streets, into raised bed organic vegetable gardens. Artisan Gardens is supported by Artisan Fellowship,The LOT Project, and private donors. It's purpose is fourfold.

The first is to provide an opportunity for the members of Artisan Fellowship, the residents of the surrounding area as well as others to put their energies to work on something productive.

The second is to teach the value of whole foods, the skills to grow them, and the methods of preparing them.

Third, by bringing life to an abandoned lot we hope to open the doors and hearts of the people who live around the garden and create a community that finds purpose in taking care of the garden. As a result, a neighborhood is born and the love of Christ can take hold.

Last, through the success of the garden and the building of more gardens, we plan to birth an awareness in the city of Anderson of the power of community and the change it can bring to the whole by touching one life at a time with purpose, love, and grace.